Our Approach to Business Rescue



STURNS is a practice that is focused exclusively on the business rescue process in South Africa and is not affiliated to any liquidator, attorney or accounting firm. If required the skill set various professions are contracted in the rescue process provided they have the same business ethics.

Mentorship for staff

Sturns is founded on academic excellence and extensive practical experience. Our staff undergo rigorous internal training and are required to thrive in the academic arena thus gaining extensive knowledge in business as well as the business rescue process.

Our internal mentorship process allows practitioner to gain practical experience and thus add value to clients


STURNS have developed a streamlined system to maximize the efficiency of the business rescue process. Our practitioners adopt the internally designed SEACAM approach which analyses the systems and resources of the organisation and seeks to optimize these. We evaluate all external factors in the market and risks internally.

We then evaluate the governance in the organisation. The results and recommendations for improvements as a result of the SEACAM approach are included in the business rescue plan and will ensure the longevity of the company.

Support system

Our internal structures at our offices ensure that all affected persons are kept abreast with all matters regarding the business rescue. These structures also ensure that timelines and other deadlines are adhered to.