Sturns Services


Independence and experience

Founded on academic excellence and extensive practical experience, STURNS focuses exclusively on the business rescue process in South Africa. Entirely independent, we are not affiliated to any liquidator, attorney or accounting firm. If required, practitioners with the same business ethics are consulted.

We are ideally positioned to instruct and advise corporate boards and creditors due to a wealth of practical experience in business rescue procedures. 

Support and advice for directors

It is often necessary to obtain an independent, alternative view of a business to establish the requirements of a business rescue intervention. The process is fraught with pitfalls. We have the experience and knowledge to advise a board of directors on the benefits and drawbacks of the entire business rescue procedure.

We provide an independent review of the company and offer input as to the viability of a proper business rescue plan as this is the most important output of the process.

Support and advice for creditors

As a consequence of perhaps unwittingly supporting a failing business, creditors are often reluctantly drawn into the business rescue process. The process is structured. As such, it is imperative that creditors are aware of their rights and their responsibilities. As an affected party, a creditor is significantly influential party in determining the company’s future under business rescue. We are able to advise creditors of their rights, provide positive input and assist in the decision of whether to support a proposed business rescue plan or not.

The human touch

In our experience, during the business rescue process, management and employees suffer enormous psychological pressure. As part of the business rescue process, STURNS provides the services of a counselling psychologist and a debt-counselling practitioner. Employees and their immediate family members are encouraged to avail themselves of these services.