Com­pany in Busi­ness Rescue:
Com­pany NameAllied Eng. Products CC
Notice of begin­ning of Busi­ness Res­cue proceedings  2018-07-24
Notice of appoint­ment of Busi­ness Res­cue Practitioners  2018-07-30
Notice of the first Cred­i­tors meeting  
Notice of the first Employee meeting  
First Creditors meeting  2018-08-15
First Employees meeting  2018-08-15
Business Rescue Plan publication  2018-10-01
Notice of second Creditors meeting  2018-10-15
Business Rescue Plan voting meeting  
Business Rescue Plan and amendments adopted
Notice of Substantial implementation of Business Rescue Plan  
Current Status:


Business Rescue Plan (click here to download)


Current Status Report (click here to download)


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