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1. Accep­tance of our Terms

By vis­it­ing the web­site STURNS​.co​.za, view­ing, access­ing or oth­er­wise using any of the ser­vices or infor­ma­tion cre­ated, col­lected, com­piled or sub­mit­ted to STURNS​.co​.za, you agree to be bound by the fol­low­ing Terms and Con­di­tions of Ser­vice. If you do not want to be bound by our Terms your only option is not to visit, view or oth­er­wise use the ser­vices of STURNS​.co​.za. You under­stand, agree and acknowl­edge that these Terms con­sti­tute a legally bind­ing agree­ment between you and STURNS​.co​.za and that your use of STURNS​.co​.za shall indi­cate your con­clu­sive accep­tance of this agreement.

2. Pro­vi­sion of Services

You agree and acknowl­edge that STURNS​.co​.za is enti­tled to mod­ify, improve or dis­con­tinue any of its ser­vices at its sole dis­cre­tion and with­out notice to you even if it may result in you being pre­vented from access­ing any infor­ma­tion con­tained in it. Fur­ther­more, you agree and acknowl­edge that STURNS​.co​.za is enti­tled to pro­vide ser­vices to you through sub­sidiaries or affil­i­ated entities.

3. Pro­pri­etary Rights

You acknowl­edge and agree that STURNS​.co​.za may con­tain pro­pri­etary and con­fi­den­tial infor­ma­tion includ­ing trade­marks, ser­vice marks and patents pro­tected by intel­lec­tual prop­erty laws and inter­na­tional intel­lec­tual prop­erty treaties. STURNS​.co​.za autho­rizes you to view and make a sin­gle copy of por­tions of its con­tent for offline, per­sonal, non-​commercial use. Our con­tent may not be sold, repro­duced, or dis­trib­uted with­out our writ­ten per­mis­sion. Any third-​party trade­marks, ser­vice marks and logos are the prop­erty of their respec­tive own­ers. Any fur­ther rights not specif­i­cally granted herein are reserved.

4. Sub­mit­ted Content

When you sub­mit con­tent to STURNS​.co​.za you simul­ta­ne­ously grant STURNS​.co​.za an irrev­o­ca­ble, world­wide, roy­alty free license to pub­lish, dis­play, mod­ify, dis­trib­ute and syn­di­cate your con­tent world­wide. You con­firm and war­rant that you have the required author­ity to grant the above license to STURNS​.co​.za.

5. Ter­mi­na­tion of Agreement

The Terms of this agree­ment will con­tinue to apply in per­pe­tu­ity until ter­mi­nated by either party with­out notice at any time for any rea­son. Terms that are to con­tinue in per­pe­tu­ity shall be unaf­fected by the ter­mi­na­tion of this agreement.

6. Dis­claimer of Warranties

You under­stand and agree that your use of STURNS​.co​.za is entirely at your own risk and that our ser­vices are pro­vided “As Is” and “As Avail­able”. STURNS​.co​.za does not make any express or implied war­ranties, endorse­ments or rep­re­sen­ta­tions what­so­ever as to the oper­a­tion of the STURNS​.co​.za web­site, infor­ma­tion, con­tent, mate­ri­als, or prod­ucts. This shall include, but not be lim­ited to, implied war­ranties of mer­chantabil­ity and fit­ness for a par­tic­u­lar pur­pose and non-​infringement, and war­ranties that access to or use of the ser­vice will be unin­ter­rupted or error-​free or that defects in the ser­vice will be corrected.

7. Lim­i­ta­tion of Liability

You under­stand and agree that STURNS​.co​.za and any of its sub­sidiaries or affil­i­ates shall in no event be liable for any direct, indi­rect, inci­den­tal, con­se­quen­tial, or exem­plary dam­ages. This shall include, but not be lim­ited to dam­ages for loss of prof­its, busi­ness inter­rup­tion, busi­ness rep­u­ta­tion or good­will, loss of pro­grams or infor­ma­tion or other intan­gi­ble loss aris­ing out of the use of or the inabil­ity to use the ser­vice, or infor­ma­tion, or any per­ma­nent or tem­po­rary ces­sa­tion of such ser­vice or access to infor­ma­tion, or the dele­tion or cor­rup­tion of any con­tent or infor­ma­tion, or the fail­ure to store any con­tent or infor­ma­tion. The above lim­i­ta­tion shall apply whether or not STURNS​.co​.za has been advised of or should have been aware of the pos­si­bil­ity of such dam­ages. In juris­dic­tions where the exclu­sion or lim­i­ta­tion of lia­bil­ity for con­se­quen­tial or inci­den­tal dam­ages is not allowed the lia­bil­ity of STURNS​.co​.za is lim­ited to the great­est extent per­mit­ted by law.

8. Exter­nal Content

STURNS​.co​.za may include hyper­links to third-​party con­tent, adver­tis­ing or web­sites. You acknowl­edge and agree that STURNS​.co​.za is not respon­si­ble for and does not endorse any adver­tis­ing, prod­ucts or resource avail­able from such resources or websites.

9. Juris­dic­tion

You expressly under­stand and agree to sub­mit to the per­sonal and exclu­sive juris­dic­tion of the courts of the coun­try, state, province or ter­ri­tory deter­mined solely by STURNS​.co​.za to resolve any legal mat­ter aris­ing from this agree­ment or related to your use of STURNS​.co​.za. If the court of law hav­ing juris­dic­tion, rules that any pro­vi­sion of the agree­ment is invalid, then that pro­vi­sion will be removed from the Terms and the remain­ing Terms will con­tinue to be valid.

10. Entire Agreement

You under­stand and agree that the above Terms con­sti­tute the entire gen­eral agree­ment between you and STURNS​.co​.za. You may be sub­ject to addi­tional Terms and con­di­tions when you use, pur­chase or access other ser­vices, affil­i­ate ser­vices or third-​party con­tent or material.

11. Changes to the Terms

STURNS​.co​.za reserves the right to mod­ify these Terms from time to time at our sole dis­cre­tion and with­out any notice. Changes to our Terms become effec­tive on the date they are posted and your con­tin­ued use of STURNS​.co​.za after any changes to Terms will sig­nify your agree­ment to be bound by them.

March 26, 2014.

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