Com­pany in Busi­ness Rescue:
Com­pany Name

GAPA Logis­tics (Pty) Ltd

Opti­com­mu­ni­ca­tions (Pty) Ltd

Optidrill (Pty) Ltd

Straight­props 22 (Pty) Ltd

Notice of begin­ning of Busi­ness Res­cue proceedings 2013-​04-​05
Notice of appoint­ment of Busi­ness Res­cue Practitioners 2013-​04-​10
Notice of the first Cred­i­tors meeting 2013-​04-​17
Notice of the first Employee meeting 2013-​04-​16
First Cred­i­tors meeting 2013-​04-​24
First Employee meeting 2013-​04-​23
Busi­ness Res­cue Plan publication
Notice of meet­ing to vote on the Busi­ness Res­cue Plan
Busi­ness Res­cue Plan vot­ing meeting
Busi­ness Res­cue Plan and amendments
Busi­ness Res­cue Plan final vot­ing meeting
Busi­ness Res­cue Plan and amend­ments adopted 2013-​06-​14
Cur­rent Status:

Cur­rently under Busi­ness Rescue

Cur­rent Sta­tus Report (click to down­load)

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